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About Our Staff

Robert Crocker, President of C&S Insulation Inc., is a former resident of Newfoundland and came to Ontario in 1989. He began working on the fishing boats of Newfoundland at an early age. Robert began his trade as an insulator in 1976 in Fort McMurray Alberta where he worked in the tars sands as an apprentice. He had the privilege of traveling all over North America and Europe perfecting his skill.

It became evident that Robert developed a natural flair for building strong business relationships with many companies. It was in 1999 that he decided to develop his own business. The business has been very prosperous and continues to grow each year.

Robert Crocker anticipates change in business each year and both he and his staff work hard to meet and exceed the needs of their customers.

C&S Insulation Inc. continues to develop strong business relationships with its customers. Existing customers appreciate the ongoing dedication, professionalism and commitment of this company.

The Staff

Journeymen/ Insulators, Estimators and Apprentices

Robert Crocker hires only the very best trades people to work for his company. He is able to provide apprenticeship training for those who are interested and willing to dedicate themselves to this industry.

It is assured that these selected individuals are learning only the latest technologies, methods and techniques of this industry - it is truly a career opportunity of a lifetime for the right individual.

Administrative and Technical Staff

Robert Crocker also has an administrative and technical team who ensure that all office systems and technical processes are running smoothly and efficiently at all times.

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